Blue Cube Ice Bath Review: Unmatched Quality & Durability

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In today's highly competitive world, athletes and fitness enthusiasts are constantly seeking effective recovery methods to enhance their performance. 

The Blue Cube ice bath is a game-changing solution, offering an unparalleled cold plunge experience in a sleek, modern design. 

In this comprehensive review, we will explore the innovative features of the Blue Cube ice bath, specifically the Malibu model (although we will touch on the others), including its temperature range, filtration system, motor, hassle-free setup, and more. 

Additionally, we will discuss our personal opinion on what makes Blue Cube different.

Stick around until the end to see our overall score!

Now lets get into it.

blue cube ice bath

BlueCube CoreChill³

The CoreChill³ is a customizable and high-performance cold plunge tub, designed for those who value both aesthetics and functionality. It boasts a unique blend of custom color options, durable materials, and a state-of-the-art circulation system.

With its Line-X'd wooden frame and an advanced chilling unit, the CoreChill promises a reliable and efficient cold plunge experience.

With a starting price of $17,999.99, lets see what comes with it:


  1. Customization: Variety of custom color options.
  2. Material Options: Durable exterior with Linex or a Linex+wood top.
  3. Payment Flexibility: Option for a 50% deposit, with a 5% discount on full payment.
  4. Efficient Circulation: 3-speed pump offering the highest flow rate on the market.
  5. Durability: Weatherproof, durable, and anti-vibration Linexed wooden frame.
  6. Warranty: 5-year warranty on the tub, 1.5 years on the motor.
  7. High-End Chiller: 1 HP Commercial Chiller with Japanese Compressors.
  8. Advanced Filtration: 20 micron filtration and Ozone sanitation.
  9. Temperature Range: Can reach temperatures as low as 36°F.


  1. Cost: High starting price may not be accessible for all budgets.
  2. Size Limitation: Available in only one size.
  3. Portability: No wheels for easy maneuverability

BlueCube CoreChill¹

The BlueCube CoreChill¹ is a streamlined version of the original CoreChill, offering the core benefits of a high-quality cold plunge experience at a more accessible price point.

This model simplifies choices by offering a single-speed pump and a classic black Line-X finish, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer simplicity and efficiency without compromising on the core features of the CoreChill series.


  1. Simplified Pump: Comes with a single-speed pump, maintaining efficient water circulation.
  2. Classic Aesthetics: Only available in a sleek black Line-X finish, ensuring a timeless and sophisticated look.
  3. Reduced Price: More affordable with a listing price of $14,999.99.
  4. Core Features Retained: Maintains essential features such as the Linexed wooden frame, Japanese Compressor in the chiller, and Ozone sanitation.
  5. Temperature Range: Capable of reaching temperatures as low as 36°F.
  6. Warranty: Includes a 5-year warranty on the tub and a 1.5-year warranty on the motor.


  1. Limited Customization: Lacks the color and speed variability options of its counterparts.
  2. Single-Speed Pump: May not cater to those seeking the advanced thermal disruption capabilities of a multi-speed pump.

BlueCube CoreChill³ Elite

The CoreChill³ Elite enhances the CoreChill experience with additional size options and a redesigned chiller/pump housing for more flexible installation.

Catering to a more demanding user base, it maintains the high standards of efficiency, design, and durability of its predecessor, while offering more versatility in terms of space management.


  1. Size Variability: Available in 66” or 72” options.
  2. Design Innovation: Chiller and pump are housed on the side, allowing for different placement options.
  3. All CoreChill Benefits: Includes all features of the CoreChill model.


  1. Higher Price Point: Starting at $23,999.99, it’s a significant investment.
  2. Limited Customization: Compared to the CoreChill, offers similar but not additional customization options.
  3. Portability: No wheels for easy maneuverability

BlueCube Modular Pro Series

The Modular Pro Series is the epitome of customization and flexibility in the world of commercial cold plunges. With its stainless steel interior, multiple size options, and configurable setup, it is designed for those who seek a tailored cold therapy experience with a high volume of uses.

The chiller/pump is housed in a separate unit from the tub and they can be up to 60ft apart.

You can also run up to 3 tubs on 1 chiller/pump unit!

The ergonomic design and easy maintenance make it an ideal choice for commercial spaces, like gyms or health/wellness studios.

Starting at $18,999, lets see what it gets you:


  1. Premium Materials: Stainless steel tub interior with Linex exterior.
  2. Extensive Color Choices: Available in black, white, grey, and beige.
  3. Customizability: Offers configurable setup and plumbing options.
  4. Size Options: Multiple sizes (60", 66", 72") cater to different space requirements.
  5. Payment Plans: Flexible with a 50% deposit option or a full payment with a 5% discount.
  6. Comprehensive Warranty: 5-year warranty on most parts, 1.5 years on the motor.
  7. Powerful Pump/Chiller: Ranges from 1 to 1.5 HP chilling motor and 3/4 to 1.5 HP pump.
  8. Efficient Filtration and Sanitation: 20 Micron Filter with Ozone.
  9. Low Temperature Capability: Down to 36 degrees.
  10. Additional Features: Ergonomic design, easy maintenance.


  1. Investment Size: Starting price still represents a significant investment.
  2. Complexity: The high degree of customization might be overwhelming for some users.
  3. Portability: No wheels for easy maneuverability

What Makes the Blue Cube Stand Out?

Now if you’ve read our reviews in the past, you’ll know that a lot of ice baths, both residential and commercial share a lot of the same features. 

However, I’m going to discuss two things that make Blue Cube stand apart from the crowd. 

Motor/Chiller/Filter Mechanism

It’s abundantly clear that they’ve really invested a lot of time and money thinking about, designing and building what they (and us) believe to be the highest quality ice bath currently on the market. 

A lot of other brands you may see on social media have been put to the test head-to-head against the Blue Cube Malibu and the Malibu outshined them in durability and performance by a landslide. 

When discussing with the owner of the company, he described how a local gym owner had purchased a different “commercial ice bath” along with a Blue Cube Malibu to see which one he would invest in and get multiple of. The gym owner reported that he had gone through 3 motor failures with the other brand while the Blue Cube was still running strong. 

Incredible. Evidently worth the money. But why is this? 

Well let’s take a look at how cold plunges function. 

Cold Plunge Mechanics

I’ll try my best to keep this section short and to-the-point. 

To keep a cold plunge at its desired temperature, it must battle 2 different counterparts: the ambient air (aka the air around it) and the body heat from the person inside it. 

These two factors heat up the water and therefore work against the motor - this is why commercial ice baths require a stronger motor; because unlike a residential ice bath which gets maybe 1-3 uses a day, they can get 15+ uses a day. That's a lot of body heat to battle against! 

What Makes Blue Cube's Motor Mechanics Different

When put to the test, other ice baths typically rise 10-15 degrees when in use, whereas the Blue Cube only rises about 5 degrees on average. 

Why is this?

It comes down to the design of their water chilling motor, where other brands (not all) use air chilling motors. This difference is a little too complex for my brain to explain fully, but if you’re interested in learning more, click here

Essentially all you need to know is that water chilling motors are more expensive, however are much more efficient at getting rid of excess heat and keeping your cold plunge at its desired temperature

It also means that every drop of water in your tub is consistently being run through the built in filter so the water stays cleaner longer. 

By having a water chiller, this also eliminates the need for ice; much more convenient and more safe. Read more on why we think ice-less cold plunges are better.

Finally, the water chiller combined with the pump circulates the water constantly and disrupts your thermal barrier, allowing you to reap the full benefits of cold immersion.

In a nutshell: Blue Cube motors are more efficient, more durable and allow for hassle-free, cleaner, consistently colder water.

Superior Customer Service

This is the part that truly won us over. Story time:

I had contacted customer support (as we normally do to evaluate customer service when doing product reviews) and asked some technical questions on the different between the different models. 

The owner of the company responded to my inquiry personal within 30 minutes answering my question and leaving me his personal cell phone number to call with any more questions. 

The following day, I took him up on his offer and called him. To my surprise, he answered my call in the middle of the work way and continued to talk to me, inform me and answer any questions I had for the next 45 minutes. 

Absolutely unlike any other company I have interacted with. 

He told me to send him pictures of where I wanted to put the ice bath so her could help me (I disguised as a new customer). 

His motivation throughout the call shined throw with every sentence that he spoke: his mission is to build the highest quality cold plunge that will last 10+ years and really wants his customers to be happy. 

The greenest of green flags. 


5 stars.

Celebrity Testimonials

What used to be a hidden gem has now gained some serious recognition, with help from the likes of Joe Rogan and Jocko Willink.

Both of these well known figures are known for the rigorous workouts and intense recovery methods.

Here's Joe talking with Dr. Andrew Huberman about the Blue Cube ice bath and why disrupting the thermal layer is so important:

Final Verdict

The Blue Cube ice bath is an innovative and convenient solution for athletes and fitness enthusiasts looking to enhance their recovery process. 

With its wide temperature range, chemical-free filtration, motor durability, sleek look, customization and hassle-free operation, the Blue Cube ice bath offers a superior ice bath experience compared to traditional methods. 

Although it may come with a higher price tag and requires adequate space, the benefits and convenience provided make it a worthy investment for those serious about their recovery and performance.

Get Cold.™

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