Best Water Chiller for Ice Bath: Our Top 5 Picks

Last updated on November 22nd, 2023 at 07:42 am

Are you looking to upgrade your ice bath experience with a reliable water chiller? Look no further!

We've done extensive research and narrowed it down to the best water chiller for ice bath. 

In this comprehensive review, we'll discuss the best overall, runner-up, best commercial-grade, most basic and most affordable options to suit your needs. Let's dive into the chilling details!

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Our Top 5 Picks:



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Best Overall: Sun Home Cold Plunge Chiller + Heater

Sun Home has taken the cold plunge market by storm with its innovative Cold Plunge Chiller + Heater. This unit embodies a blend of high-end technology and thoughtful design, ensuring an unparalleled ice bath experience. Here's a closer look at what sets the Sun Home Cold Plunge Chiller + Heater apart:

Powerful Performance with the 1HP Smart Chiller

At the core of the Sun Home Cold Plunge Chiller + Heater is the robust 1HP smart chiller. Its strength and efficiency set it apart from competitors, providing next-generation cooling and heating.

Operating three times faster than any other product in its price range, it guarantees rapid results, ensuring that users don't have to wait long for their desired temperature.

This is what really sets it apart from its competitors. Most other competitors at this price point are offering 1/2 to 3/4 HP motors, but Sun Home doesn’t shy away. They give you your bang for your buck. 

Temperature Flexibility: From Brisk Cold to Relaxing Warmth

The Sun Home unit offers unparalleled temperature versatility. Whether you're looking to recover muscles in a brisk cold or simply relax in soothing warmth, this device can cool water down to a chilling 37.5F and heat them up to a cozy 104F.

And the most impressive part? It achieves these temperatures in just a few minutes, making it perfect for spontaneous sessions.

Smart Control: Mobile App Integration & LED Touchscreen

Modern challenges require modern solutions. With the Sun Home Cold Plunge Chiller + Heater, users gain an upper hand with integrated mobile-app controls, enabling them to adjust settings from anywhere.

On top of that, the intuitive LED touchscreen on the unit itself offers an easy-to-use interface for those who prefer hands-on adjustments.

24-Hour Reservation Mode: Pre-set and Forget

Planning your plunge in advance is made effortless with the 24-hour reservation mode. Users can set their desired temperature in advance, and the unit will ensure it's perfect by the time you're ready. This feature is especially beneficial for those with busy lifestyles, ensuring a perfect plunge is ready when they are.

Versatile Design for Both Indoors & Outdoors

The Sun Home Cold Plunge Chiller + Heater is designed with versatility in mind. Its portability ensures it can seamlessly fit into various environments, whether indoors or outside. This adaptability means users don't have to compromise on location, making it ideal for any setting.

Advanced Sanitization: UV Disinfection & Ozone Injection

Health and hygiene are paramount, and Sun Home understands this. Their water chillers come equipped with a high-efficiency UV disinfection system and an ozone injection sanitization process. Together, these systems work diligently to eliminate harmful pathogens, ensuring each plunge is as pure as it is refreshing.

Superior Filtration with the 20-Micron Filter

Water purity is further enhanced by the 20-micron filter, which meticulously extracts all unwanted debris. Whether it's leaves from an outdoor setting or other particulates, the filter ensures that your plunge experience remains unsullied and pure.

Optimized Circulation for Enhanced Water Quality

Water stagnation can be a challenge with many cold plunges, but not with Sun Home's unit. The built-in circulation pump guarantees a continuous flow, ensuring even temperature distribution and optimized water quality, enriching each immersion experience.

User-Friendly Setup: Plug, Plunge, and Play

Installation hassles are a thing of the past. With Sun Home's design, users are saved from complex plumbing or installation processes. The unit is thoughtfully designed to be user-friendly: simply plug it in, and you're ready for an invigorating plunge.

Reliable Warranty for Peace of Mind

Sun Home's commitment to quality doesn't just end with features; they back their product with a solid 1-year warranty.

They also offer 3 and 5 year extended warranty for $294.99 USD and $491.99 USD respectively, however this is only an option for those in the United States.

This highlights their confidence in the product's durability but also offers users an added layer of security and trust in their investment.


  • Named Best Cold Plunge of 2023 by Sports Illustrated, New York Post & US Weekly
  • Rapid Performance: Its 1HP smart chiller operates three times faster than competitors, ensuring quick cooling and heating.
  • Temperature Versatility: with great heating and cooling capacity, it can cool water to 37.5F and heat up to 104F in just minutes.
  • Advanced Controls: Offers both mobile app integration and an intuitive LED touchscreen for easy and remote adjustments.
  • Planning Convenience: 24-hour reservation mode allows users to pre-set plunge sessions ahead of time.
  • Flexible Design: Its portable design makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage.
  • High-Quality Sanitization: Uses a UV disinfection system and ozone injection to maintain water purity.
  • Effective Filtration: 20-micron filter ensures removal of all unwanted debris from the water.
  • Optimal Water Flow: Built-in circulation pump guarantees even temperature distribution and enhanced water quality.
  • Easy Setup: No complex installation or plumbing required.


  • Premium price
  • Limited to 1-year warranty (however 3 and 5 year extended warranty available for a fee - USA only)

With Sun Home's Cold Plunge Chiller + Heater, you're not just investing in a water chiller – you're investing in a comprehensive cold immersion experience. The advanced features and user-friendly design make it a top contender in the market, ensuring each plunge is nothing short of perfection.

Unlike a lot of the companies you see popping out of the woodwork in the cold plunge industry, Sun Home as been an industry leader in sauna manufacturing for years and they’ve now harnessed all their expertise and engineering into this chiller. 

There’s no one we’d trust more making a top-tier cold plunge water chiller than Sun Home. No brainer.

Runner-up: Coldture Cold Plunge Chiller

Best Water Chiller For Ice Bath

The Coldture Cold Plunge water chiller earns our runner-up spot for the best water chiller for ice baths, not far behind Sun Home.

In fact, both chillers have many overlapping features, however the Coldture offers slightly less horsepower at 3/4 HP cooling capacity - keep in mind, this is still more than enough for residential (and most would argue commercial) users.

This all-in-one unit offers a plethora of features that make it an exceptional choice for cold plunge enthusiasts.

With its advanced functionality, user-friendly design, and durability, the Coldture Cold Plunge Chiller is a fantastic investment for those seeking a high-quality ice bath experience.

Advanced Temperature Control

One of the standout features of the Coldture Cold Plunge Chiller is its wide temperature range. It can cool the water temperature down to 3°C (37°F) for the ultimate chilling experience or heat it up to 40°C (105°F) for a relaxing warm soak. This versatility allows users to switch between different temperatures according to their preferences or recovery needs, making it perfect for various applications.

UV Disinfection and Water Filtration

The Coldture Chiller takes water cleanliness to the next level with its UV disinfection and particulate filter. The UV filter ensures that your ice bath remains free from harmful bacteria, while the water filter removes impurities and particulates. This dual filtration system guarantees a clean and hygienic experience, giving users peace of mind.

Portability and Ease of Use

This Coldture Chiller is designed with portability in mind, making it easy to move and set up wherever you need it. The self-contained unit features a self-priming circulation pump, eliminating the need for additional components or complicated installation procedures. It's truly a plug-and-play solution, allowing users to set up their ice bath quickly and efficiently.

WiFi-Enabled Temperature Control System

The Coldture Chiller is equipped with a WiFi-enabled temperature control system, allowing users to monitor and adjust the water temperature remotely. This innovative feature provides added convenience and ensures that you can achieve the ideal temperature for your ice bath with just a few taps on your smartphone or tablet.

Indoor and Outdoor Use

With the ability to withstand temperatures as low as -10°C (14°F), the Coldture Chiller is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This added versatility means you can enjoy your ice bath in a variety of settings, whether it's in the comfort of your home, at a training facility, or even outside during colder months.

Safety and Durability

The Coldture Chiller is built with safety and durability in mind. It features a safety shutoff that prevents overheating and potential damage to the unit, ensuring a secure and worry-free experience. Additionally, the Coldture water chillers are made with industrial-grade components, providing excellent longevity and reliable performance.

Warranty and Support

Coldture offers a one-year standard warranty on the Coldture Chiller, ensuring that your investment is protected. Although some competitors may offer longer warranty periods, the high-quality construction and advanced features of the Coldture Chiller make it a worthy choice for those seeking a premium ice bath experience.

In summary, the Coldture Cold Plunge Chiller is an exceptional choice for an ice bath water chiller. Its advanced features, user-friendly design, and durability make it a fantastic investment for those seeking to enhance their cold plunge experience.


  • Extremely versatile with a wide temperature range
  • Superior aesthetic
  • Ensures water cleanliness with UV and water filtration
  • Portable and easy to use
  • WiFi control for seamless temperature adjustments
  • Durable components for longevity


  • Higher price point compared to other options
  • Limited to a one-year warranty (24 month extended warranty available for purchase)

Best Commercial-Grade: CryoSpring Wi-Fi Enabled Ice Bath Chiller

The CryoSpring Wi-Fi Enabled Ice Bath Chiller is a top-tier commercial-grade water chiller for ice baths, and it earns our top recommendation in this category.

This well-built unit stands out for its superior features, advanced technology and strong motor/quality build that deliver excellent functionality for commercial/high-use purposes.

Powerhouse Performance

At the core of the CryoSpring Chiller is a powerful and efficient 1hp Hitachi rotary compressor, designed for cooling and heating plunges up to 150 gallons.

Its exceptional capacity makes it an ideal choice for large plunge pools, efficiently delivering a consistent cooling or heating experience.

This remarkable unit also boasts a wide temperature adjustability range of 37°F to 107°F, ensuring you have the flexibility to customize your plunge experience to your exact preference.

This unit us built for keeping your cold plunge at your desired temperature all day with a high number of users.

Superior Water Quality Control

Where the CryoSpring truly sets itself apart is in its innovative water quality control features. It is equipped with a built-in self-priming water circulation pump and a two-stage water filtration system. These systems work hand-in-hand to keep your plunge pool's water clean, fresh, and safe.

An automated natural ozone sanitation system enhances this water quality management. The system efficiently eliminates bacteria and other impurities, ensuring an even safer and more hygienic plunge experience.

User-Friendly Design and Control

The CryoSpring Chiller was designed with user convenience in mind. A splash-proof digital touch screen provides easy operation, while Wi-Fi enablement allows for control and automation from your mobile device.

Whether you're at home or on the go, you can effortlessly monitor and adjust your plunge pool conditions.

Versatility and Safety

One of the appealing attributes of the CryoSpring Chiller is its versatility. It's rated for both indoor and covered outdoor use, making it a flexible solution to meet various needs.

Additionally, it utilizes a standard 110v power outlet and has a built-in GFCI. This feature is essential for ensuring safe operation in damp conditions, which are common around plunge pools.

Reliable After-Sales Support

CryoSpring provides a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee, which is a testament to their confidence in the product's performance. Furthermore, they offer a 1-year warranty and lifetime product support, providing customers with added peace of mind and assurance in their investment.


  • Exceptional cooling and heating capacity with 1hp Hitachi rotary compressor.
  • Wide temperature adjustability for personalized comfort.
  • Two-stage water filtration and automated ozone sanitation system for clean and safe water.
  • Wi-Fi-enabled control for convenience and easy automation.
  • Compatible with both indoor and covered outdoor settings.
  • Safety features like a built-in GFCI for operation in damp conditions.
  • 2 color options (blue and grey)
  • Comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, a 1-year warranty, and lifetime product support.


  • Given the high-grade quality and features, this chiller is a bit on the pricier side.
  • It might be an overkill for smaller plunge pools under 150 gallons, so make sure to assess your needs before investing.

In conclusion, the CryoSpring Wi-Fi Enabled Ice Bath Chiller is a worthwhile investment for those seeking the best in class for a commercial-grade water chiller for ice bath.

Its powerful performance, advanced features, and user-friendly controls make it a solid choice for businesses or private users with large plunge pools.

Most Basic: Spartan Max 1 HP Wi-Fi Water Chiller + Heater

In the world of water chillers, while some companies chase after the latest high-tech features, the

Spartan Max 1 HP Wi-Fi Water Chiller + Heater stands out for its simplicity and dedication to the basics.

It's a reminder that sometimes, sticking to the essentials is all you need.

They've delivered on a quality chiller that sticks to the fundamentals, for half the price of its competitors.

Universal Compatibility: Versatility at Its Best

Spartan has adopted an inclusive approach when crafting their water chiller. By ensuring it's compatible with all ice bath models and standard bathtubs, they've provided users with unmatched versatility.

They can enjoy the cooling benefits of the chiller irrespective of the bathtub they own, giving them the flexibility to change setups without needing a new chiller.

Essential Components: Filter & Pump

One might think that by keeping things basic, Spartan may have left out crucial components. On the contrary, they've emphasized the essentials.

Every Spartan Max 1 HP Wi-Fi Water Chiller + Heater is equipped with a filter that diligently purifies the water, ensuring each bath is free from contaminants.

Additionally, the inbuilt pump maintains a consistent water circulation, which is vital for maintaining an even temperature throughout the bath.

Spartan's focus on these critical components ensures that while the chiller might be basic, it doesn't compromise on performance.

It also has UV sterilization for extra sanitation and water purity.

Wi-Fi Enabled Temperature Control & Timer

Despite its dedication to core functionalities and simplicity, Spartan doesn't shy away from implementing a touch of modern convenience.

The inclusion of a Wi-Fi-enabled temperature control system elevates the product's user-friendliness to a new level. Now, users can adjust and monitor the temperature of their ice bath remotely.

The timer function allows for easy customization of each session. Simply set the time and temperature, and let the Spartan Chiller do the rest.

This integration of modern technology demonstrates Spartan's ability to balance traditional simplicity with contemporary needs. It's a nod to the demands of today's lifestyle, where convenience is prized, yet without complicating the overall design.

User-Friendly Setup

Spartan's commitment to basics shines through in its user setup. They understand that not every user is technically inclined.

Thus, by adopting a straightforward design and complementing it with a comprehensive video guide, they ensure that the setup process is hassle-free.

This user-friendly approach means that even those new to ice baths can get their chiller running without hiccups, removing potential barriers to a rejuvenating cold plunge.

Adaptable Design

Despite its foundational approach, the Spartan Max 1 HP Wi-Fi Water Chiller + Heater doesn't compromise on adaptability.

Designed with a keen eye for flexibility, it seamlessly transitions between indoor and outdoor settings. Whether you're looking to enjoy a therapeutic indoor ice bath during colder months or bask in a refreshing outdoor plunge during summer, Spartan's chiller stands ready to serve.

Its adaptability ensures that users aren't restricted by location, adding another layer of convenience.

Generous Capacity: Catering to Extended Sessions

Spartan's dedication to essentials hasn't deterred them from offering a generous capacity. With the ability to handle up to 130 gallons of water, the chiller is more than equipped for longer sessions or even back-to-back uses.

This capacity ensures that users aren't frequently refilling or waiting for the chiller to catch up, especially if they're sharing the experience with others. In essence, Spartan manages to blend simplicity with efficiency, ensuring that users don't have to compromise on their ice bath duration.

Simplicity & Cost-Effectiveness:

In today's technologically driven world, where bells and whistles often overshadow core functionalities, the Spartan Max 1 HP Wi-Fi Water Chiller + Heater stands out like a beacon of refreshing simplicity.

It reminds us of a time when products were designed for pure functionality, devoid of unnecessary complexities.

Spartan has taken a deliberate step back, embracing a minimalist design ethos that prioritizes fundamentals and cost-effectiveness over fancy bells and whistles.


  • Its simple design and video guide make it user-friendly, even for beginners.
  • Suitable for all ice bath models and regular bathtubs.
  • Comes with a water filter and pump, ensuring optimal conditions for an ice bath.
  • Wi-Fi enabled temperature control system with timer function
  • By focusing on basics, Spartan offers a quality chiller at an affordable price - half the price of its competitors.
  • Despite its simplicity, it boasts a 130-gallon capacity, accommodating frequent use at low temperatures.
  • 1 year standard warranty, with a 2 year extended wrranty available for an extra fee.


  • Unlike premium models, it doesn't offer high-tech features or app integrations.
  • The design might be too simple for those seeking a more aesthetically pleasing unit.
  • Sticking to the basics means fewer customization options in terms of settings or modes.

The Spartan Max 1 HP Wi-Fi Water Chiller + Heater is an ode to the power of basics. It strips away the non-essentials, focusing solely on delivering a consistent and efficient chilling experience.

In a world filled with gadgets and gizmos, Spartan's straightforward approach is refreshing, catering to those who appreciate simplicity and cost-effectiveness without compromising on performance.

Most Affordable: Spartan Water Chiller (Standard)

The Spartan Water Chiller (Standard) is our most affordable pick for the best water chiller for ice baths, without sacrificing noticeable quality.

This high-quality chiller offers an excellent balance of performance, value, and durability. Its efficient operation, quiet performance, and integrated pump make it an outstanding choice for those seeking a reliable ice bath solution, at a fraction of the cost

Effortless Setup

Gone are the days of intricate setups. Spartan Water Chiller (Standard) promises a hassle-free installation process that takes just 3 minutes. And for those who may find the process daunting, the chiller comes equipped with a comprehensive video guide and text manual, ensuring a seamless integration into your routine.

Engineered for Versatility

Flexibility is at the heart of the Spartan Water Chiller (Standard)'s design. Whether you have a specialized ice bath model or just a regular bathtub, this chiller is compatible with setups with a water volume of up to 80 gallons. Its design also ensures that it's apt for both indoor and outdoor use.

Peaceful Operation

One of the standout features of the Spartan Water Chiller (Standard) is its quiet operation. This means you can focus on your relaxation and recovery without any noisy distractions.

Power and Efficiency

Don't let its sleek design fool you. This chiller packs a punch with its ultra-efficient 1/2 HP compressor that consumes only 1200W. This means optimal energy savings without compromising on performance.

Aesthetics and Build Quality

With a matte black corrosion-resistant paint adorning its steel box and frame, the Spartan Water Chiller (Standard) is as much a style statement as it is a functional device. This ensures longevity and durability, especially important for those who opt for outdoor setups.

Shipping and Support

The brand ensures timely delivery with orders dispatched within 2-5 business days. For residents of the lower 48 states, shipping is absolutely FREE, and delivery to the USA is completed between 7-14 business days post-dispatch.

Furthermore, the Spartan Water Chiller (Standard) comes with a 1-year warranty (with a 2 year extended warranty available for purchase) and a 90-day risk-free trial, underlining the brand's confidence in its product.

Ultra Affordability!

In a market saturated with pricey accessories, the Spartan Water Chiller (Standard) emerges as a breath of fresh air.

Priced at just $950 (yes you read that right - 1/4 of the price of many of its competitors), this makes it an ideal choice for both ice bath novices looking for a budget-friendly start and veterans who want to upgrade without breaking the bank.

Such a price point, along with it's simplicity places it in a unique position.


  • Quick and easy setup with comprehensive guides.
  • Quiet operation ensures a peaceful experience.
  • Energy-efficient compressor offers cost savings.
  • Robust build with a stylish matte black finish.
  • Risk-free trial and an extensive warranty.
  • 1 year standard warranty with a 2 year extendedwarranty available for purchase.
  • Ultra affordability.


  • Maximum compatibility limited to 80-gallon volume tubs.
  • Lower horsepower when compared to alternatives.
  • No premium features (i.e. wifi controlled, timer etc.)

Conclusion: The Best Water Chiller For Ice Bath

In conclusion, the best water chiller for ice bath will ultimately depend on your preferences, budget, and specific needs. The Sun Home Cold Plunge Chiller + Heater is our top pick for the best overall chiller, with its strong motor, versatile temperature range, advanced features, and portable design.

Next, the Coldture Cold Plunge Chiller provides customers with a premium, state-of-the-art, aesthetic yet functional standalone chiller.

Next, the CryoSpring Wi-Fi Enabled Ice Bath Chiller is our clear choice for a standalone water chiller for ice bath for commercial/high-traffic needs.

Next, the Spartan Max 1 HP Wi-Fi Water Chiller + Heater is our pick for most basic water chiller for ice bath for its commitment to the fundamentals and cost-effectiveness

Finally, the Spartan Water Chiller (Standard) is a very solid most affordable choice, offering high efficiency, low noise, and a sleek design at a fraction of the cost.

Whichever water chiller for ice bath you choose, we hope this comprehensive review helps you make an informed decision for the perfect ice bath experience.

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