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Learning the Basics

If you're at the beginning of your cold plunge journey or are eager to stay up-to-date with the latest cold plunge science. Check out our catelogue or articles covering all types of topics; from cold plunge history, benefits, ideal temperature, duration, techniques, cold plunge facts and much, much more.

Cold Plunge Reviews

Our cold plunge reviews are designed with our readers in mind. We review products from all corners of the market, assessing their quality, ease of use, safety features, and value-for-money. Whether you're new to the practice or a seasoned cold plunger, our reviews will provide you with the insights to select a product that best suits your needs.

Find the Perfect Cold Plunge Tub!

Through lots and lots (and lots) of testing, we've developed a tool that can provide you with the best possible recommendation for a cold plunge tub given your certain needs (size, budget, location etc.). Try out our "Plunge Picker"!

Shop Commercial Cold Plunges

Here you'll find a catalogue of all the commercial cold plunges that we've reviewed here on ColdPlungeFacts.com.This selection of cold plunges are good for commercial use (high use volume such as gyms, spas etc.)

Shop Water Chillers

In this section you'll find a catalogue of all the chillers that we've reviewed here on ColdPlungeFacts.com. Most affordable options, commercial grade options and top of the line products are all showcased here! This selection of water chillers are good for residential and/or commercial use (check product descriptions).

Free Ebook!

Are you intrigued by the rejuvenating power of cold water therapy? Do you find yourself drawn to the idea of invigorating your body and mind through cold plunges? If so, our comprehensive Ebook, "The Get Cold Handbook: A Beginners Guide to Cold Plunging," is your essential companion on this chilly journey!

Inside we cover topics like cold plunge history, benefits, ideal temperature, duration, techniques and more. Download your free copy!

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