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Welcome to our About Us page!

Ever found yourself puzzled about which cold plunge is the best fit for you? Or, worse yet, bought one only to discover later that it didn't quite match your needs? 

Or, get lost in the science and can’t quite decipher which practices provide an optimal result?

Believe us, we've been there, and that's why we launched Cold Plunge Facts.

Our mission at Cold Plunge Facts is uncomplicated: to provide the world's best cold plunge reviews and simplify new studies/science into easily digestible and applicable practices.

We believe that the greatest reviews are built on objective facts, testimonials and independent testing of each product.

Our Meticulous Process

  • We identify the top cold plunges in the market
  • Our Testing Teams put the plunges through thorough, side-by-side testing plans, both in the lab and in real-world scenarios, meticulously assessing performance, ease of use, and reliability
  • We rank the plunges (usually by comparative analysis) and explain why
  • After our testing and reviews are done, we retain many products as a reference set for future reviews

How We Earn Money

Cold Plunge Facts is a free service, entirely reader-supported. 

We select and review products objectively and independently. We only make money when you click on our affiliate links and buy the plunges we've reviewed, which helps support our testing work.

If you click on a retailer's link on our site and make any purchase, the retailer will contribute a portion of the sale to support our site. It won't cost you anything extra, and it's a simple way to help us fund our plunge reviews. Thanks for your support of our work!

No Ads, No Freebies

We refuse to accept any manufacturer's free units, and we don't accept paid endorsements. Our focus is strictly on creating content for the benefit of our readers, and we align our business model to prioritize our reader's interests.

The CPF Way

If you value our commitment to objective, independent testing, please let your friends know about Cold Plunge Facts, and help us grow and fund expanding our free service.

So dive into our reviews and let us know your feedback!

 If you have more questions, please check send us an inquiry on our Contact Us page or email us at info@coldplungefacts.com. 

We'd love to hear from you, and especially welcome feedback that can help us improve. 

Together, we can make Cold Plunge Facts the world's best source of information for cold plunge enthusiasts like you.

Get Cold.

Adam & Alex Dennison

Alex Dennison, Co-Founder

Alex is the older of the 2 brothers. Growing up, Alex was involved in many competitive sports, from soccer (football), Rugby, Hockey and Snowboarding - just to name a few.

Welcoming 2 beautiful children into his life naturally forced some of his previously mentioned beloved past times to get sidelined, however his passion for fitness grew and thrived. Through fitness culture Alex was introduced to cold plunging and the rest is history.

Through daily use of cold plunge Alex can confidently say that it is something that has had profound effects on his life both cognitively and physically.

Today, Alex resides in Waterloo, ON Canada and is an Operating Engineer working in power production by day and cold plunge enthusiast by night!.

Adam Dennison, Co-Founder

Adam is the youngest of the two brothers and founders. He grew up with his life surrounding competitive sports and athletics. As he’s grown up, the absence of competitive sports forced his hand on a new focus/hobby, working out.

Through his years of training, naturally, he was introduced to the practice of sauna and cold plunge. This sparked his passion for cold, plunging not only for muscle recovery to aid in his training, but also his overall mood and life.

Adam has his BA from the Lazaridis school of Business and Economics in Waterloo, Ontario with a minor in economics, and now resides in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada, where he is lucky enough to work on the blog full-time for his readers.

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