The Renu Cold Plunge Review: The Cold Stoic 2.0

Last updated on November 22nd, 2023 at 08:02 am

Uncover the unmatched benefits of the Renu cold plunge (namely the Cold Stoic 2.0), showcasing advanced features and impressive customization options that elevate your ice bath routine to new heights.

The Renu Therapy Cold Stoic 2.0 poses a real threat for the industry leaders in the cold plunge/ice bath space like BlueCube or Morozko, offering an array of innovative features designed to enhance your cold plunge experience.

In this review, we dive into the specifics of this extraordinary cold tub, showcasing its state-of-the-art insulation system, highly efficient chiller, innovative filtration, and unmatched customization options.

Cold water immersion therapy, also known as cold plunges or ice baths, has gained popularity in recent years due to its numerous health benefits.

These benefits range from improved immune system function to faster physical recovery and enhanced mental well-being. The Renu Therapy Cold Stoic 2.0 model elevates this experience by integrating cutting-edge technology into its cold plunge products.

Stick around until the end to see our overall score of the Renu Cold Stoic 2.0 as well as an exclusive discount code!

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Feature Highlights of the Renu Cold Plunge

Enhanced Insulation and Durability in Renu Therapy Cold Plunge Tanks

The Renu Cold Stoic 2.0 model features an upgraded insulation system with contoured side panels, providing a "Super Insulated" tank that retains temperature effectively for longer durations during cold plunges.

The Super-Tuff exterior is designed to withstand harsh conditions and offers UV protection, ensuring your Renu Therapy cold plunge tank remains in excellent condition regardless of the environment.

Unparalleled Comfort and Temperature Control

The Cold Stoic 2.0's larger tank is designed to accommodate users of all sizes, providing a more enjoyable and versatile experience during cold plunges.

The ultra-efficient, integrated chiller allows you to set the ice cold water temperature as low as 36F (2.2C), giving you unparalleled control over your ice bath.

Advanced Filtration and Ventilation

Equipped with an advanced filtration and ozone purification system, the Cold Stoic 2.0 model ensures your water remains clean and hygienic with minimal maintenance during ice baths.

The extra side vent provides superior ventilation for your equipment while still protecting it from rain, wind, and debris, guaranteeing a longer-lasting and more reliable cold tub.

Customization to Suit Your Style and Space

One of the standout features of the Renu Therapy Cold Stoic 2.0 model is its high degree of customization.

With 6 different base color options and 4 wood choices for the top deck, you can create a cold plunge tank that perfectly suits your personal style and complements your space.

The optional installed lights add convenience and enjoyment to your night-time cold plunging experience.

Base Colors
Top Deck Colors

The Health Benefits of Cold Water Immersion Therapy with the Renu Cold Stoic 2.0 Model

The Renu Cold Stoic 2.0 model not only offers an elevated cold water immersion experience but also facilitates numerous health benefits.

Cold water immersion therapy has been associated with improved immune system function, reduced inflammation, and enhanced mental well-being.

Additionally, cold plunging can promote faster physical recovery and improve circulation, making it a popular choice for athletes and those seeking overall wellness.

The Cold Stoic 2.0 model provides an exceptional environment for contrast therapy, alternating between hot and cold water immersion to stimulate blood flow and aid in recovery.

With its advanced features and customization options, the Renu Cold Stoic 2.0 model offers a superior experience for cold plungers seeking the ultimate in cold water immersion therapy.

Pros and Cons of The Renu Therapy Cold Stoic 2.0: 

Here we will breakdown the features that make the Cold Stoic 2.0 uniquely beneficial and some potential drawbacks/considerations.


  • Upgraded insulation system with contoured side panels for superior temperature retention in the cold water
  • Super-Tuff exterior built to withstand harsh conditions and provide UV protection
  • Larger tank to accommodate users of all sizes, ensuring maximum comfort and versatility in cold plunges
  • Ultra-efficient, integrated chiller for precise temperature control during cold water immersion
  • Advanced filtration and ozone purification system for automatic water cleanliness
  • Extra side vent for enhanced ventilation and equipment protection
  • Unrivalled customization options, including base colors, wood choices, and installed lights


  • Some features may increase the price, overall weight, and installation space requirements of the cold plunge tanks
  • Higher electricity consumption compared to non-chilled tanks

Final Verdict

The Renu Therapy Cold Stoic 2.0 model raises the bar for cold plunge tank design with its advanced features, superior insulation, and unbeatable customization options.

This extraordinary cold tub offers an immersive and therapeutic experience tailored to your preferences, making it the ideal choice for cold plungers seeking the ultimate in performance and personalization.

With the Cold Stoic 2.0, you can enjoy a truly unparalleled cold water immersion therapy experience, crafted to stand the test of time and provide the perfect environment for your mind and body.

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